Health and Wellness

Soft drinks have a role to play in a balanced diet. UNESDA and its members are committed to promoting healthy […]

Supporting Jobs and Growth

The European soft drinks sector is a part of the fabric of the EU economy. The industry contributes €55.4 billion […]


No and low sugar varieties now account for up to 30% of total soft drinks sales in many European markets

The european market totals 56 billion litres per year in a total non-alcoholic beverages market of 123 billion litres

The industry employs some 156.000 people directly and over 800.000 indirectly, boosting the local economy


European Soft Drinks Industry rooted in European Economy

Contributes €55.4 billion value-added impact, supports over 1 million jobs throughout the supply chain […]

Impact of food taxes on public health inconclusive and contradictory according to EC study

UNESDA welcomes the study into the impact of food taxes on consumption and competitiveness in the […]

UNESDA Statement in response to the European Commission Circular Economy Package, released 2 July 2014

“While we support the concept of a circular economy, especially for valuable materials like […]